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 Characters as races of Tamriel

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PostSubject: Characters as races of Tamriel   Thu Aug 20, 2015 8:27 am

Its been like 2 years since I got Skyrim Legendary for my PS3, and coming up a year since I got the Elder Scrolls games in one boxset for my PC (so I now play a heavily modded Skyrim, woo!).

And I've seen one another fan decide to make UNO in their Skyrim game, it inspired me to wonder what races everyone would be if the PKNA characters were born in Tamriel (Skyrim most notably).

I even made Gorthan in my game and made him a Redguard (not just for the dark skin, but also the only race with dreads apparently unless modded), used the RaceMenu mod to make his ears pointed and facial features to my liking. Here's a link to my photoset of him; I made him really tall, like, he could barely fit in my camera's view, and people were looking up to see him, it was funny.

Here's a few other PKNA/PK2 characters with races I think fit them.

Everett Ducklair is an Altmer, or maybe dwarve (lol, because he's short too, other than dwarves were great inventors)

One and the rest of the AIs are also Altmer

Donald is a simple Nord who probably a companion; same set up for Scrooge too.

Gorthan is a Reguard and probably into the College of Magic

Lyla is probably a wood-elf (all droids are probably the same, since, in my opinion, wood-elves are the most attractive of Eleven creatures in the game?? Very mystical too??)

Mary Ann and Ziggy are Reguards, and instead of the PBI, it's the Legion of course.

Of course Neopard and his alien race are probably all Khajiit, lol.

But yeah, that is all I got so far. Go ahead and post what you think the characters races would be, and their factions if you think they would have any!

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Characters as races of Tamriel
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